1988 – 1999: Keeping pace with Luxembourg’s financial centre

In 1988, following the success of European investment funds domiciled in Luxembourg, the Bank’s services for professional customers flourished. In 1998, the Bank created Fund-Market, an independent investment fund consultancy, as a way to offer its client base access to this new savings solution.

At the same time, driven by its reputation in wealth management, Banque de Luxembourg became a recognised private banking player in Luxembourg. CIAL Luxembourg and Banque de Luxembourg officially announced their merger.

New headquarters, flagship for the financial centre

To underpin its development, Banque de Luxembourg decided to build a new head office and operate under a single brand. This was when philanthropy and arts and culture sponsorship became one of the Bank’s core values, in consonance with the convictions of its senior management.

In 1994 Banque de Luxembourg opened its new offices at 14, Boulevard Royal, in a building worthy of its reputation. Designed by architectural firm Arquitectonica (Miami), it is now one of Luxembourg City’s most iconic buildings.

At the end of this period, in 1998, the CIC group was taken over by Crédit Mutuel to form one of France’s biggest banking groups. The financial soundness of the Crédit Mutuel-CIC Group, Banque de Luxembourg’s shareholder, meant that Banque de Luxembourg had the solid foundations with which to build its business over the long term.